Policy Development & Training

Policy Development & Training

Hertfordshire Equality Council encourages the implementation of policies and procedures designed to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity in the public, private and voluntary sector.

HEC role in assisting in the development of public sector policies include encouraging those organisations to engage in participation exercises that are real, meaningful and 'fit for purpose'.

HEC works with other agencies to tackle inequality and discrimination at a strategic level.

HEC focuses on ensuring that Public, Private and Voluntary and Community Sector organisations and individual citizens can hold Local Councillors to account, both by working together, and by ensuring the data and transparency agendas focus on Equality.

HEC’s work seeks to identify challenges to Race and Equalities in the Criminal Justice system and offer solutions to them. Our strategies include analysis on Hate Crimes, and their impact on communities, examination of how prevention strategies can be applied to reduce racist and violent crime, campaign against disproportionality in stop and search, and analyses of BAME groups as suspects in the populations.

HEC seeks to work with communities, policy makers and senior police officers to ensure that reforms to the police service are fair and inclusive.

HEC advocates that equality must be a primary and intrinsic part of any integration or cohesion strategies.

When resources are available HEC would like to challenge inequalities in Education, Employment, Housing and Health for all residents in our local area of benefit and the county with data from Local Authorities, and continue to analyse these data to understand the nature of inequalities, and how we can respond to them.

HEC further works with individuals to enhance their skills and confidence in articulating their concerns regarding the equality impact of existing and forthcoming policies.

  • Equality Duties

    Development of priority objectives in compliance with the specific equality duties of public authorities.

  • Voluntary Sector

    Work with voluntary sector organisations to consider the equality impact of services that they provide

  • Representation on Boards and Panels.

    Membership of Boards and funding panels (including Chairing) with specific intention of ensuring that equality is appropriately considered.

  • Policy Development

    Undertake exercises to equality proof policies and practice

  • Racial Harassment

    Undertake exercises to equality proof policies and practice

Training Programmes

HEC provides infrastructure and organisational support for developing voluntary, public and private sector. HEC provides training on awareness raising, impact of policies and implementation of equalities in practice.

HEC training is designed bespoke to meet the particular requirements of each specific organisation.


  • Race Equality Training

    Equality Act 2010

  • Equality Act 2010

    General introduction to the Equality Act

  • Race Equality, a journey

    Explore the impact of different race equality strategies and their context and rational

  • Un-blinkered Vision

    Addressing complaints of discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace

  • Bespoke Training

    Develop and delivery of training in accordance with need following diagnostic exercises

  • Racial / Disability Harassment

    Delivery of training modules on addressing racial and Disability harassment

Specialist areas of work

  • Formal Inquiries

    Conducting objective investigations

  • Meeting the Public Sector Equality Duties

    Undertaking Equality Impact Assessments

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