Equality Duty for Senior Managers

Equality Duty for Senior Managers

The public sector equality duty at a glance for senior managers


  • Is your organisation covered by the general equality duty? Is it also covered by the specific duties?


  • Are all decision-makers fully aware of their obligations?
  • What information do you have in relation to your service users and staff with particular protected characteristics, including from any engagement?
  • Do you have mechanisms in place to ensure that your equality evidence is available to decision-makers, both on time and in the right format so that it can influence policy development effectively?
  • Do decision-makers and others have clear guidance about the role and value of record-keeping when they are making decisions on behalf of the organisation?
  • Are systems in place for policies to be reviewed in the light of the general equality duty if circumstances change?

How can we work with you?

We can work with you to develop all aspects of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. This will of course, depend on your current organisational needs.

Typically, when we work with organisations HEC:

  • Undertake an external review and gap analysis.
  • Provide external advice and consultancy in respect of developing, implementing and measuring a strategic approach – including the development of a robust business case and metrics
  • Provide expertise, advice and best practice approaches to equality data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Advise on the effective completion of Equality Analysis or Equality Impact Assessments
  • Perform external reviews and investigations of bullying and harassment
  • Work with procurement teams to develop strategic and measurable approaches to Equality and Diversity within tendering, procurement and commissioning
  • Provide specific training and support to managers exploring how to manage diverse teams and promote dignity in the workplace
  • Provide risk assessment to all your areas of operation to ensure risk assessment is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010


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