Covid-19 Updates

Coronavirus Outbreak Update

We are in an unprecedented situation where the covid-19 outbreak has had a major negative impact on the Black, Asian Minority and Ethnic communities in the UK.  The covid-19 is the biggest public health emergency in the past 100 years. The Government’s priority is to do everything it can to tackle the pandemic and mitigate its impact.

The measures taken to protect public safety and maintain essential services are reviewed and adapted in response to the rapidly evolving situation.
Hertfordshire Equality Council is carefully following Government advice and guidance and where possible keeping the wider BAME communities informed.

Hertfordshire Equality Council will try to ensure that any information that is valuable to the voluntary sector and the community we will pass the information.

Dr Ash Shah – Gujarati

Dr Rupal Shah – Urdu/Hindi

Dianne Desmulie – Italian

Iris Cheung – Cantonese

Dr Gurpreet Singh – Punjabi

Dorota – Clinical Pharmacist – Polish

Magdalena Zuwala – Health Care Assistant – Polish