Consultation Charter

Consultation Charter


Ongoing dialogue between Local Government, (public sector in general) and stakeholders is an important part of policymaking. This dialogue will, at times, need to become more formal and more public. When public sector developing a new policy or considering a change to existing policies, processes or practices, it will often be desirable to carry out a formal, time-bound, public, written consultation exercise.

This kind of exercise should be open to anyone to respond but should be designed to seek views from those who would be affected by, or those who have a particular interest in, the new policy or change in policy.  Formal consultation exercises can expose to scrutiny the public sector preliminary policy analysis and the policy or implementation options under consideration.

HEC would encourage all public and private sector organisation to use our “consultation networks” to help your organisation gain views of the disadvantaged communities members in Hertfordshire.  By working with HEC, organisations will avoid the trap of communities being asked the same questions time and time again.

Individual community members

What you can expect of us:

  1. To be notified as early as possible of an upcoming consultation
  2. To be notified of all consultations that apply to you
  3. Give you feedback from events
  4. Meet your dietary, cultural, health needs etc. as much as possible
  5. We will make sure all agencies sign a good practice agreement


In the case of a panel meeting/focus group/1 to 1 interview we will:

  1. Send you a map well in advance
  2. Send you information in an easy to understand format about the consultation topic
  3. Pay you on the night only if consultation funds are available


In the case of a postal survey we will:

  1. Send you the survey with an SAE.
  2. Send you a £5 gift voucher for every complete survey received ASAP (if funds are available)
  3. Online survey – we will give you a brief feedback


What we expect of you:

  1. To tell us in advance if you will be attending
  2. Let us know if you can’t attend
  3. Not to give the agency your contact details etc., you only need to give these to us
  4. Let us know if you move or change any details such as phone, e-mail etc.
  5. Complete any evaluation forms we give to you
  6. Notify us of any requirements you have
  7. Read any documents you receive in advance
  8. Respect other people’s opinions
  9. Encourage your friends and family to join
  10. To get involved with the consultation, everyone’s opinion is valued!
  11. And finally; enjoy yourself!!!



We are an equality organisation and will not tolerate any racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory comments or abuse!!


Please complete the attached application form to join the consultation network.   Click Here