Community Development

Community Development

HEC supports disadvantaged communities by providing them with information and advice.

As the only equality umbrella organisation in the County HEC works with HCC, Police commissioner, Herts Constabulary, CPS and disadvantaged community groups and organisations as well as with the local authorities equality officer to make communication regarding services more useful and accessible for a number of disadvantaged groups and organisations in the county.

HEC works with local communities by attending meetings, giving talks to organisations and where possible to schools who are seeking to work on Equalities and Human Rights, Engagement and Cohesion, Faith and Religious belief and disability issues to encourage Black, Asian, Ethnic Minority and Refugee peoples participation.

HEC identifies/recognises the gaps in provision and works with diverse communities to empower them to develop mechanisms which help them to set up organisations and to support processes to compliment provision by statutory sector agencies.

HEC works with other voluntary organisations to promote good practice and develop meaningful networks, share skills and knowledge which help and support the wider disadvantaged groups / organisations: