Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will support HEC ambition to develop sustained and focussed equality issues and networks to further the vision, mission and objectives of HEC.


Our job is to promote equality and human rights, and to create a fairer Hertfordshire.  We will do this by providing advice and guidance, to individuals and organisations, working to implement an effective equality plan and to raise awareness of your rights. Principally:

  • Create opportunities for involvement and interaction between communities in Hertfordshire
  • Create opportunities for networking, sharing and learning and building relationships.
  • Encourage and support collaboration between equalities groups.
  • Develop channels to ensure people and groups with protected characteristics can make their voices heard.
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of equalities through debate and further the equality agenda in Hertfordshire.
  • Respond with policies which take in to account the views of the diverse communities of Hertfordshire.
  • To provide a forum to voice community concerns to decision makers.
  • Provide policy responses, reports, an annual conference and topic-based meetings.


The Hertfordshire Equality Council Advisory Group (HECAG) will advise the Hertfordshire Equality Council on all issues relating to social inclusion, equal opportunities and the engagement with disadvantaged community organisations and group across the county.


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